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Are you a socialist? Do you have something to say? We here at Everyday Socialism believe every story deserves to be told. We have found that those who think they have the least to say, have the most to say. It is the quiet lives of desperation that speak the loudest when we give them a chance to be heard! Everyday Socialism is that chance… We want the personal, the messy, the gritty, the hopeful, the inspirational, the harsh, the emotional, the real life stories you are facing everyday. If you are willing to share your heart we are here to listen! We help folks from all walks of life get their experiences out there and help craft stories so we can spread the message of what socialism looks like and how we can get there together. At Everyday Socialism we believe that almost any topic relates to socialism. So if you have something to say, please drop us a line and let’s work together to get your story out there where it can make a difference. Please go to our contact page to contact us today!