Everyday Socialism… a webzine whose time has come! Everyday Socialism believes in socialist storytellers. When we are willing to share our everyday struggles with capitalism and work to develop socialism in practice it helps others feel connected and less alone. Our project requires no professional experience in writing, just the willingness to be vulnerable and tell our truths to total strangers. Strangers who we hope will realize they too struggle with capitalism and are wrestling with the idea of building a new world. The key to our project is that it is accessible by design. No stuffy theory, no big words that go undefined, and no jargon. We want to make socialism approachable for everyone. We want to cast away the idea that socialism is only for the college educated or well read. We reject holier-than-thou for whatever works. It’s the messy reality of putting our principles into action. We are trying to become socialist. That social transformation has faces, names, and stories to tell. What can we learn from each other so we can connect, receive renewed hope, look at strategies that work, and help each other feel less alone? Everyday Socialism is about building a new community out of the shell of the old and understanding that we all have the power and ability to do it together through solidarity. Welcome to Everyday Socialism!