What is Socialism?

Socialism is a social, economic, and political system based in collective ownership of the means of production. It also requires a radical democracy, and an egalitarian non-hierarchical society. That means everyone is treated equally and no one is worth more or less than anyone else. Where power is shared instead of having power over or under anyone else. Some people see socialism is simply a welfare state, one where taxes are high and everyone is taken care of through robust social programs, but we believe true socialism is liberation in all forms. Socialism is against all systems of oppression and exploitation. What does socialism look like? Well, in the everyday we don’t think it has to look one way or the other. Socialism is something we create together through our actions and interactions. Socialism is rooted in social relationships. The relationships we have to each other and other living beings. We believe we are all interdependent and cooperation is the best form of society for meeting all human needs. In order to bring about socialism, we believe we must abolish capitalism and replace it with a socialist system. But until we can do that we believe everyday actions in the here and now help us build a new society from the shell of the old. We rely on each other and work together to create that new society together through our actions in the now. Our end goal is social transformation to a society that works for all of us and the planet.